Friday, January 19, 2007

Friday Five....

Umkay, I missed the 'Thursday 13' thing and after the day I've had, I'm far too lazy for Friday fifteen, so here goes.

Friday Five.....5 COMPLAINTS from yours truly.....(followed by questions I should most likely ask a shrink)

1. I never stick up for myself when it comes to my mother. ( What causes this? )
2. I am perplexed by people who put the status quo first. (What is wrong with people?)
3. I scratch my head at people that think I am sacrificing myself for my children. (is there anything more important right now, really??? I mean, bars are cool and all, but I think I saw enough of them back in college...)
4. I hate empty apologies. ( Why do people say sorry, even if they don't even know what they are apologizing for? )
5. Some men are really just babies, mine included. (WHY OH WHY can my husband not just wash his pants or make a lunch???? I MEAN REALLY!!!!)

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Renee said...

Hi. Hummm.

#1 is pretty normal. I can stand up to my mom when it comes to my DD, but for myself I'm a doormat. I think it's that whole "honor thy mother...etc." thing.
#2 Me too. I keep getting these surveys that ask me how I feel about the keeping up with everyone and I'm like "who cares?" everyone else sure doesn't.
#3 I'm too much of a control freak to drink so the only "me time" I need is a good book. Our kiddos are little for such a short time, mine is almost 9 now...where did the time go? this isnt a sacrifice, it's savoring the moment.
#4 LOL
#5 Oh they can, they just have figured out that if they mess it up we'll do it for them. Mine lived on his own for too long for me to fall for it though. If I get really sick though, he'll pitch in...but of course "I owe him big time for it." *sigh*