Wednesday, February 14, 2007

If I had been the director....


I probably would have cast Christian Bale as the Phantom in the movie.
Of course, I love Christian Bale, he plays dark characters well. He can also sing, though he does not do that often.

Nothing against Gerard Butler. He did a fantastic job. I like him too.
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Monday, February 5, 2007


I love my rosemary plant. I took this beautiful picture of it, so I wanted to share. Never knew much about rosemary, but I bought a small plant last year because of its beautiful scent, and it has grown indoors very well in my sunroom. It has become one of my favorite plants. I cook with it occasionally but I usually just enjoy the scent that it fills my home with. I have grown to love this indoor herb garden bit. I hope to add some more soon. I never thought that growing edible and aromatic plants could be such therapy. I have always had plants, and I have many of them. An umbrella tree, a Norfolk pine, Boston fern, several pothos ivies, succulents, several flowers that moved indoors when the cold came (a geranium, forget-me-nots and a bucket of lantana), an african violet, cacti, and a rapidly increasing number of spider plants that have sprung from my VERY happy and growing spider plant. I love gardening very much so, and my recent venture into edible plants has been rewarding.
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I am usually quite camera shy. I can look in myself in the mirror, but for some reason looking at myself in pictures is just not satisfying. Thin hair, large facial's just not the 'me' in my head, but I took a chance and took a self portrait. This is me, a pretty decent rendition. :)
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