Friday, November 10, 2006


Welcome to my blog. I suppose I should use it for what it's meant for.

Wandering infusoria, you ask? Yes. Infusoria. Microscopic organisms found in decaying organic matter. It's just a beautiful word for something ugly, that expresses my feeling of being one of millions. Trying to find my own unique path in a sea of others doing the same, in a world that is wrought with decay, dishonor and dismissal. When I try to wrap my head around that which is the mass desire for self satisfaction; I am befuddled. The world's population soars, and the achievement of true happiness shrinks. Satisfied by simple things no more, people grow fat and discontent. Scores and scores and still more scores of discontented people. Where are we headed? Pessimistic view, I know. I'm not really a pessimistic person, and perhaps that is why I am befuddled. The older I get, the more things I question. I am thankful for that. Question everything. The demand for truth and reason, THAT is what fuels revolution.